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more than a day (2023)
video series

Collaborators: Frankin Women, The Leadership and Wikimedia Australia

‘More Than A Day’ is a video series of step-by-step tutorials to learn to edit Wikipedia.

Only 20% of the people profiled on Wikipedia are women, and gender diverse people are similarly under-represented. Made to address this bias, this series is aims to give editors the skills they need to grow the diversity of content online.

There are 10 easy-to-follow chapters: everything from creating your account, to making edits on an existing page, or creating a new one and looking after it.

Launched on International Women's Day in 2023, this video resource was made by Franklin Women and The Leadership Film in partnership and consultation with Wikimedia Australia, supported by AbbVie and Good Pitch Australia, Shark Island Institute, Documentary Australia Foundation, and our Good Pitch donors.


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