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ordinary magazine


Ordinary was a born when a bunch of us sat about one evening talking about publications that we liked. Or at least didn’t hate. And we came up with…well, not many. Perhaps it was a frustration with the blandness the printed material lining the recycling bins of our city, but we thought – let’s start our own magazine! But wait – we have no money. Wait again – let’s make it an online magazine! (It turns out they’re not that cheap either, but we found that out too late.)

Ordinary can be described by what it is not. We were not interested in the beautiful people/alienoids, musical ensembles that move units or breathless advertorials. We covered curious stories of ordinary people: why they go to work in the morning, the choices they make, the pickles they get themselves into, and sometimes out of, and how they cope with the trivial and the everyday.

Ordinary survived three much-loved issues publishing in 2009-10.


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