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Backyard Stom

Field Recordings Podcast / BBC Short

My five-year-old friend Nyah and I went for a wander in her backyard a while back to try out a new microphone (with ears). She recorded this juicy storm. Two small hands, holding the microphone, tremble with each bit of rolling thunder. That feeling of wanting to retreat back inside, but not quite being able to bring yourself to leave. 


For Field Recordings, a podcast taking us outside at a time when we’re stuck inside in lockdown.




Meditating in language

Awaye, ABC Radio National

In a bid to improve community wellbeing, traditional healers in Central Australia - ngangkari - have developed a new set of meditations, the first of their kind, featuring the voices of Pitjantjatjara and Ngaanyatjarra speakers from the APY Lands in the north of South Australia.



From cattle the carbon

Background Breifing, ABC Radio National


Once a cattle empire, Henbury Station in Central Australia was the home of a multi-million dollar, carbon farming experiment. But with the cattle gone the neighbours are angry, and while the government says restoring land can be a good business, this taxpayer assisted project didn't quite go to plan. This investigative documentary produced with Di Martin explored the shift from cattle to carbon.



After the cloud falls

ABC Rural, Bush Telegraph, Radio National


British atomic bomb testing was conducted at Maralinga in South Australia between 1956 into the early 1960s. But it's only more recent decades that stories have emerged about what happened to the people living near the site. One of those stories is Yami Lester's, a Yankunytjatjara man, who was only 10-years-old when the testing began.





Traditional healing in virtual reality

Awaye, ABC Radio National

For thousands of years, traditional healers in the central desert have used a range of tools to look after the wellbeing of their communities.

But recently they've been trying out a new one - virtual reality. The ngangkari from the Uti Kulintjaku team at NPY Women's Council have just launched a new virtual reality experience which combines ancient ways of healing with new technology.




In My Blood it Runs

Awaye, ABC Radio National

Ten-year old Dujuan Hoosan speaks two Indigenous languages, but is failing in school. He’s having run-ins with the police and juvenile justice system. His intimate new documentary made in Alice Springs is about to make its world premiere at the prestigious Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto.




From pop-up to deep dive: teaching is a sacred thing


Why the Future Belongs to the Potato

Awaye, ABC Radio National


Language is bringing people together in a repurposed shed at the back of the old op shop off Todd Mall in Alice Springs. What started as a pop-up last year, Apmere angkentye-kenhe - or 'place for language', reopened this year and is changing the way people think about the local language Arrernte, and about each other.



Champion of the poddy ride

Bush Telegraph, Radio National


The lowly spud may seem like the most humble of foods, but it built the glittering empire of the Incas, and it may yet secure the future for billions of people across the globe. Thanks to a Crawford Fellowship, I travelled to Peru to meet the traditional potato farmers playing a big part in one of the world's most unusual food projects.



Plenty Pathways

ABC Rural, Bush Telegraph, Radio National

He'd set his sights on victory an nothing was going to hold him back. 11-year old Ryan Fogarty from Anningie station went to the Harts Range rodeo in 2011 determined to become the poddy ride champion. His spirit and enthusiasm carried this award-winning radio story to programs across Australia.


Chasing camels on country

ABC Rural, Bush Telegraph, Radio National


One chopper and five four-wheel drives sent 70 feral camels stampeding into temporary yards, deep in the heart of the Haasts Bluff Aboriginal Land Trust in the Northern Territory. Join Indigenous rangers on their first-ever muster of feral camels on their own land in the Northern Territory.


ABC Rural, PM, Bush Telegraph, Radio National


A local teacher and principal takes matters into her own hands, starting a program to engage young Indigenous men from remote parts of the NT, training them to be stockmen. So pack your lunch and get on the bus, as this short radio documentary takes you along with the students for a days work.


Tuyu triumphant at Tiwi

ABC Darwin, Bush Telegraph, Radio National


Not even transport troubles and a cyclone threat could put a dampener on Tiwi Islands grand final day. In 2014, I travelled to the Tiwi Islands for ABC Darwin to cover the match and discovered that the Tiwis love their football and they're not afraid to show it.


Giles: Australia's Most Remote Weather Station

It's the most remote weather station on the continent.

The Giles Weather Station is 750 kilometres west of Alice Springs in Western Australia. Before becoming part of the Bureau of Meteorology's network of weather stations, Giles was used to support weapons testing from Maralinga and Woomera in the 1950s and '60s. Now, it's the only weather radar for 2.5 million square kilometres of outback Australia. Each morning at 8.45am, observers from weather stations around the world simultaneously launch a daily weather balloon. And at Giles that can mean braving the hot desert conditions, not to mention the flies.

Filmed at the Giles Weather Station in 2013 with Brendan Phelan for ABC Rural.



Rob Cook's Tanami journey

In 2011, Northern Territory cattleman Rob Cook made history driving his powered wheelchair through the Tanami Desert from Suplejack Station to Alice Springs, over 700 kilometres. Rob was left a quadriplegic after a mustering helicopter accident in 2008. To raise awareness of and funds to support his disability, Rob and his childhood friend Luke became the first person to cross the Tanami Desert in a powered chair.

Filmed with Carl Curtain for ABC Rural in the Tanami Desert, 2011


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