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It’s show time in Darwin! This photograph is inside the agricultural and arts pavilion at the very first show held 35 years ago. More than 4000 people attended in their Sunday best to enjoy attractions such as a crocodile personally caught by hunter Paul Becker who became tired during the day and in a careless moment was mauled on the arm, a professional woodchopper who arrived barefooted and minus one of his big toes and a display of a single bunch of more than 200 bananas, not to mention the bar. With 4000 beverages sold, prices of 4/6 for a bottle of beer were no deterrent to the thirsty. Considered such a success, President of the Maranga and Rural Districts Progress Association, Mr Frank Beaton stated that it is universally acknowledged that the Darwin Show was the most significant event in the Northern Territory's history.

Published: 24 July 2016


Forgotten Territory was a weekly photo column of historic images in the Northern Territory News which I curated from 2016 until 2019 supported by the collections of the Northern Territory Library and other cultural institutions around Australia, as well as local history Facebook groups. 

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Warning: May contain images of people who have died.

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