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Here’s a sight that some people might like to see a bit more of along the Daly River, after drone footage of more than 50 sun-baking crocodiles went viral this week. Here men haul a couple of crocs aboard a lugger known as the 'Maroubra' on the Daly. Named after the Sydney beach, the Maroubra ran a passenger, mail and cargo service between Darwin and remote settlements along the Victoria, Daly, Alligator and Adelaide Rivers in the 1930s. It was also used for croc hunting and police work from time to time, before being strafed by the Japanese in May 1943 and abandoned near Milingimbi. The era of the Territory's crocodile hunters lasted a bit longer, until crocs became a protected species in 1972.

Image: Northern Territory Archives Service

Published: 17 June 2018


Forgotten Territory was a weekly photo column of historic images in the Northern Territory News which I curated from 2016 until 2019 supported by the collections of the Northern Territory Library and other cultural institutions around Australia, as well as local history Facebook groups. 

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Warning: May contain images of people who have died.

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